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Our toy library is seeking this grant to renew and replace old or broken toys.

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The Myrtleford Toy Library services the communities of Myrtleford, Barwidgee, Murmungee, Mudgegonga, Ovens and Happy Valleys. Our community is small with a high volume of families classified as low socio-economic. We also have many families who are support children with disability or developmental delay. The toy library provides members the opportunity to borrow toys just like a traditional book library. It means families can provide toys to their children without the expense of purchasing them outright. Particularly big toys and education focused toys can be very expensive. Our membership base is small at approximately 30 members and almost closed down three years ago. In 2015 a renewed focus has seen membership numbers steadily increase and with the successful achievement of Community grants through the Alpine Shire and Into Our Hands Foundation we have been able to start replacing some toys and building more storage. All this effort is paying off with new toys in good working order means we can attract more members. Our Toy Library is working toward improving the quality and type of toys so that all members of our community feel welcome and that as a community we can support our most vulnerable members.

Impact of the grant

Children learn through play. This grant will allow us to continue on our journey of replacing old toys and sourcing new toys that are not only fun to play with but have a particular benefit to developmental education. Increasing the quality and volume of toys allows our toy library to provide families more opportunities for positive interaction with their children. As our toy library is still small our membership fees don't provide enough income to buy many new toys. This grant will provide much needed funds to replenish our toys. With new toys we can then attract more members and we are seeing that already with two grants we received in 2016. One grant enabled us to build a storage shed so that we could house bigger toys ($1800 total project value). The second grant ($1400 contribution from Alpine Shire Community Grants) has allowed us to purchase toys with the specific purpose of sensory development. The Myrtleford Toy Library operates in close connection with the Myrtleford Playgroup and often provides the playgroup with toys; increasing our presence in the community and providing great outcomes for more children.

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