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Helping our kids become capable community radio presenters. This is part of Emergency Services Youth Volunteers, an integrated action-learning program where kids’ develop skills in preparing their community to be more resilient during emergencies.

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About You

We wish to develop future emergency service leaders through inspiring volunteer youth action in building a safer, more resilient community with the capability to withstand, plan for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

We will provide local youth with challenging, practical, active, rewarding, relevant learning opportunities within their own small, remote community.

They will have the opportunity to develop and put into action broad-based emergency services and leadership skills with the support and mentorship of experienced, multi-agency emergency management practitioners. We hope this program will grow an effective, multi-generational volunteer workforce with highly engaged young people working alongside highly experienced older volunteers.

This grant is directed to the program’s community radio as emergency broadcaster.

Community Radio 3MGB broadcasts a diverse range of programs providing education, entertainment and local emergency information to our community and recently became a Victorian Emergency Broadcaster. Mallacoota Community Health, Infrastructure and Resilience Fund is a charitable NGO, one purpose of which is to support any activity that develops community resilience, especially related to major incidents

Impact of the grant

To train our community’s emergency services youth volunteers as Emergency Broadcasters
They will learn:
• about community radio, its contribution to and responsibility for local emergency preparedness, response and recovery
• how to: operate the studio’s broadcasting equipment, broadcast emergency messages, develop a radio program, and put it into practice by developing and running their own emergency preparedness program
1. Involvement in community radio is known to increase one’s social well-being and community connectedness as well as being an invaluable recreational activity.
2. Directly contributes to the sustainability and resilience of 3MGB and the community.
• developing training program
• providing suitable trainers and mentors
• coordinating program development, radio time, etc
• producing participant materials
• producing badges for participants’ Program jackets
- Participants – learning and applying new, interesting and practical skills in a meaningful way
- Radio 3MGB - increased roster of qualified presenters now and into the future
- Emergency Services Agencies - trained youth broadcasters working with agencies during emergencies
- The community – engaged youth creating a resilient town

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