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This is a comprehensive early intervention program for deaf children who cannot easily access our centres, so that they can learn to listen, talk, attend mainstream school & have equal opportunities in life.
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Thousands of children who are deaf or hearing impaired have learnt how to listen & speak at The Shepherd Centre not-for-profit support service since 1970. Recognised as a world leader in the field of Auditory-Verbal Therapy, the organisation provides parents with the tools, strategies & methods they need to teach their children to listen, understand the meaning of sound, & to speak. Our intensive, family centred, early intervention program ensures that children with hearing impairment can reach their full potential & participate fully in society by learning to listen & speak. The Shepherd Centre helps prevent the void of isolation, the sadness of a missing sense & the tragedy of an unfulfilled life. Our program comprises of a combination of individual & group listening, speech & language sessions for children aged 0-5 along with clinical audiology and counselling support. While we do not have a centre in Tasmania, we support hearing-impaired children & their parents in Tasmania from our Sydney centre through intensive local workshops (Hobart or Launceston), home visits & ongoing tele-intervention as there is no similar program offered in Tasmania.

Impact of the grant

In 2017, this grant will ensure that approximately 20 children with hearing impairment in Tasmania are given the best possible chance to thrive in mainstream school and become independent contributors to society. These children will be aged from 0-6 & will be from diverse ethnic & socio-economic backgrounds & locations including rural areas. The knowledge and skill development will also improve the confidence of parents to work with their children at home & will skill the teachers at the preschools & schools these children attend.
The broad-reaching benefits of clear communication cannot be underestimated. This program benefits the hearing impaired child immeasurably & also alleviates burden on their family & indeed society as a whole. The broader community will benefit from individuals who can integrate & contribute to mainstream society. It will cut the need for cumbersome support & ongoing dependency. The project benefits will extend far beyond the deaf children who are competent & independent to parents, siblings, extended family, friends, teachers, employers etc

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