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To assist the non profit in obtaining clothing and activities to include in the backpacks.

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We fill backpacks and nappy bags with essential and personal items for kids going into foster and kinship care in Australia.
My husband and I became carers in 2009, and saw the need for this type of provision for kids coming in to care. Children are often removed at a moments notice and are unable to take any belongings with them. They are dropped off at a complete strangers place and told this is where they will now be staying for a non defined period of time.
The backpacks are filled with essential items, like new clothing, undies, toiletries, and things all kids need, a soft toy, a small activity or colouring in, stationary, a blankie and a torch, (because sleeping in a new house with people you don't know is scary!). The bag is packed with love, and would be similar to a bag you would pack for your own cherished child to take on a sleepover at a friends place.
This Project has all of my heart. Vulnerable kids in our community are too often overlooked.
It really does take a village to raise a child.

Impact of the grant

This grant would enable us to purchase much needed supplies for the backpacks. Specifically pyjamas. Removals often happen at night. The kids may have a trip to the hospital before being dropped at a carers place. The hospital needs to remove soiled clothing (or clothing that may have been exposed to drugs).
Kids and Youth from newborn to age 17 would be able to sleep in a new, clean set of jammies. This may seem like a very small thing to you and me, but to these kids, it can mean a great deal.

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