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Our school's Kid's Shed is similar to the more common 'Men's Shed' project, except it is for kids. Our Kid's Shed is a safe place where children can come to have an adult listen to them and be sure of positive comments and learn resilience skills.
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Thangool is a small community approximately 2.5 hours south of Rockhampton. The area is a mix of agriculture and mining, with both industries facing various challenges in the past few years, including 3 consecutive flooding events with Cyclone Marcia in 2015. The mining industry has been facing restructuring changes, which have led to some uncertainty among local families. Mental health issues are a large concern in both mining and agricultural communities, and the impact of mental health issues is felt by the children of the community as well as the adults. This can become very apparent in small schools.

Impact of the grant

Our school P&C exist to support our school in educating our students. This year, the staff at Thangool S.S. noticed that anxiety was becoming a problem among many different children within the school community. They established the Kid's Shed as a safe, non-judgmental place where all students were welcome, funding the Kid's Shed from their own pockets. In the Kid's Shed, students can work on projects, knowing success, receiving support and learning hands-on skills, or they can talk to a safe adult who will just listen to them. Kid's Shed is currently being funded personally by members of the staff, which naturally limits the scope of the project. The grant would go towards developing horticultural skills, cooking and craft projects and most importantly allow the wider implementation of resilience programs run by trained professionals. These resilience programs along with the hands-on skills can help students to learn the vital life skills they need to help them overcome adversity. By teaching our future leaders today we can help them to become resilient members of their rural communities in the future.

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