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Katherine Isolated Children's Service would like to invest the grant monies into sturdy toys for gross motor skills development, fine motor skills, maths and science Early childhood resources that can withstand travel and use by lots of children!
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About You

Katherine Isolated Children's Service (KICS) is a mobile playgroup service that travels 750,000 square kms bringing the joy of playgroup and play-based learning to socially and geographically isolated children. KICS has two Field Teams comprising of two Playgroup Facilitators that travel in Toyota Landcruisers with a trailer load of toys and resources. They leave Katherine on Monday and camp during the week delivering playgroup at four venues weekly. We visit over 25 Indigenous Communities and 25 Pastoral Stations. In the past year, KICS has had 2718 children at playgroup, 1962 of these identified as Indigenous (72%) and 1944 (72%) children were in the 0-5 age range.

Impact of the grant

Katherine Isolated Children's Service is a mobile playgroup service that delivers playgroup in remote areas eight times a week during school terms. In the past financial year that means 235 playgroups! The toys and resources are packed into plastic boxes and then into a sturdy trailer but travel long distances over rough roads. All of our playgroups happen outside under a shady tree on mats. Our toys and resources need to withstand both travel and use from a large number of children, be engaging, useful and safe. We therefore need to replace broken toys often, and ensure that the toys we buy are suitable for their intended use! We would especially like to purchase a microscope and binoculars as these science based activities, especially with bugs, have proven popular with children. Magnetic toys, role play activities including dress-ups, ball games, parachutes, obstacle courses, construction activities, large wooden puzzles and small animals are all popular with our playgroup clientele!

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