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This grant will support YMCA fitness instructors in delivering Cheerability to the local Broken Hill community and Far West region. The funding will enable YMCA to fund staff wages which will ensure the program is delivered free of charge.

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YMCA is a not for profit, community focussed movement that has been working in Broken Hill for over 100 years.

We deliver a wide range of aquatic and fitness programs to the entire community.

The Y strives to create healthy, happy and more connected communities.

Over the last 12 months, YMCA in Broken Hill has delivered Cheerability to over 200 local children. Cheerability is a music and movement program for children and young people with a disability. The program aims to support connectedness among children, improve social and cognitive skills. The program is fun, interactive and have been extremely positively received by 4 local schools since commencing 12 months ago.

YMCA is seeking support to continue to run this program as the demand increases to additional schools.

Impact of the grant

If successful, this funding will go a long way to reducing the financial burden families face when supporting and caring for children with a disability.

The impact this far has been profound. This has been no more evident then through the testimonials from school teachers and families of children that have taken part in the program over the last 12 months.

The impact on the social, physical and mental wellbeing of the children is also significant. All children have improved in the gross motor and cognitive skills since commencing the program.

YMCAs aim is to ensure the momentum and positive impact achieved thus far can be sustained.

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