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To purchase toys and play equipment to create a toy library and play area in conjunction with the Hen House part of the Men's Shed.
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About You

Yeoval & District Men's Shed is an inclusive organization in the process of building it's permanent home. When this is constructed a women's group (Hen house) will be formed. The town has about 300 people, and minimal employment opportunities, thus is at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale. This will be the only nondenominational non-licensed community premises in Yeoval. Current membership is 15 men with at least that number of expressions of interest for the Hen's house. These are mainly older ladies at the moment, but the provision of quality toys will encourage younger women to attend, thus encouraging inter generational support, and sharing of interests and ideas. At least two women have expressed a willingness to undergo the relevant police checks etc necessary for working with children under 18. Further 3 current members of the Shed/Hen house have already undergone these checks.

Impact of the grant

The Toy library will be the only one for at least 100km in any direction. There is no mobile library or similar either. It will encourage carers to provide a wider range of toys and activities than would otherwise be possible. This will improve the pre school educational outcomes for the children. It will also provide their carers will improved social interaction when the attend to change their borrowings. It will provide a source of support for the pre school and lower primary grade teachers as the toys will be purchased with their guidance, as well as personal Hen's House preferences.

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