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To provide some breakfast and a "good morning how are you?" to our school students
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We are a small rural school with an enrollment of 138 students in our high school. Some students leave home at 7 and get home at 5:30 and a lot of students whose parents have left early to go to work. Breakfast club provides a safe warm place to meet in the morning where you can get some toast, milo and fruit. One of the most beneficial side effects is the contact with adults and peers who are pleased to see you. Currently only available in our high school at the moment.

Impact of the grant

Myself and another staff member applied for a grant to start a breakfast club earlier this year. We were unfortunately not successful with this application and very disappointed. As a result we decided to go ahead anyway on a much smaller scale. We bought 2 toasters and 2 jugs, paper cups, some bread , milk, milo, vegemite and butter which we donated to the school and started Breakfast Club at the end of last term. We have made 1289 cups of milo, used 3 litres of milk and a loaf and a half of bread a day since then. We average 28 students per day and 141 per week over the last 9 weeks. We have received generous donations from community members including $500 from Rotary which has allowed us to run for a term. We also provide fruit and usually spend around $20 per week on fruit. We have had donations of old coffee mugs as well to eliminate the paper cups expense and are never short of volunteers to wash up.
Another unexpected side effect is the lack of before school incidents since the start of breakfast club.
If we were to receive the grant we would be able to replace our toasters, which are now only cooking 2 slices instead of 4 and some new mugs that were not all stained and chipped and put it all on a trolley for ease.

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