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Have your say on one of the recipients this year by voting for your favourite application. We will be selecting one of the winners based on a popular vote, so get your local community behind you to improve your chances. 

Voting for the People's Choice Award will close at midnight on 4th December. 


MOST RECENT Submissions

To undertake an arts/nature play project in an area of bushland adjacent to the school.  Students have designed a series of pavers that will be laid in a circle and used for Outdoor Ed lessons. We will also set up a mud kitchen for nature play.


To hold a rewards day art workshop run by Aboriginal Artist, Arthur Conlon for the students for their success and achievements through the Positive Behaviour for Learning program.


New sun shelter roof to protect our spectators, in the sheltered areas from the sun during our days racing.


To provide much needed equipment for our junior members for both training and playing.


To increase the amount and variety of contemporary instruments available to students and their ability to play as a class as a rock band.


The main purpose lé danse school is applying for this grant is to be able to purchase some portable unbreakable dancing mirrors.


To provide a newborn care package to all cleft affected children born in rural Victoria with the potential to cover SA & Tas This pack would include a carry bag, 2 specialised feeding bottles, a customised branded lion & a welcome letter or booklet


All the shows in the Central &a Southern Districts of SA would like to offer kids free activities at their shows and other events in the community and setting up a trailer with games ready to go will achieve this.


To provide bursaries to help the kids of people with low incomes in the Bega Valley area attend the week-long South Coast Music Camp.


Providing Social Groups, Activities and Events for Children of All Abilities to change the mental health, wellbeing and inclusion of children with disabilities and their friends/family. Allowing Children to be children.


The grant would go towards the campigning and development of a specialised First Aid course for Bush Kids. That is, delivered through Distance Education providers to students in rural and remote locations.


We have had a water bore kindly donated by one of our school's families, the school does not have the funds available at the moment to equip the bore. The purpose of the bore is to irrigate the school oval which at the moment uses town water supply.


To assist with the running a camp for kids with their horses and ponies for kids in the outback. Allowing the children to develop the necessary skills to become confident and safe horse riders.


Provide Cricket Kit($1500) uniforms($1000) and promotion($500) for a girls cricket team to play in the CAW junior girls competition.


The grant money will be used to purchase tools and equipment to facilitate participation in food growing for youth and school groups in the community allotments on the farm.


The purpose of the grant is to facilitate the transport and use of WA PCYC's Fun Truck at a community event in Karratha, in conjunction with Roebourne PCYC. The Fun Truck is filled with recreational and sporting equipment for local youth activities.


There is no tennis facility due to the damages and cessation of the Proserpine Tennis Club since TC Debbie 28 March 2017. All funds received will go towards equipment or damages to both club house and tennis courts.


To buy endemic plants for the Indigenous garden at Moss Vale Public School.


To increase membership and patronage to our toy library which in turn will help to improve social connectedness in our small community. Our aim is to provide another avenue of support to young families in our socially disadvantaged community.


To provide two aspiring rural dance students the opportunity to participate in Dance 18, a series of workshops offered by the Royal Academy of Dance, in turn enabling them to impart their learning on other students within their current dance studio.


To develop a sustainable program to support newly arrived Non-English Speaking Burmese Karen children with settling in to the school environment with English language support through a homework club and mentoring from older students.


We want to build a first class skate park facility for our young people to assist in their health/friendship development and to foster family day outings at a facility with great amenities. To promote togetherness for families & our young people.


I run a small community drama class. Children learn drama skills such as script writing, improvisation, workshopping ideas to performance, set & costume design. This grant would pay for the drama space and some of the over-heads to run this program.


To provide a safe, nurturing and educational setting to children from 0-6 years. A place for children to enhance skills development, increase knowledge, give a sense of belonging & inclusiveness, build confidence and self esteem.


To bring an expert in designing and building nature playgrounds to meet with local councils and community champions. This will help to overcome some of the barriers to providing these facilities and help empower communities to make it happen.


To Run a clinic with a Mindset Coach to Engage with local youth and provide them with tools to deal with day to day struggles The use of animals to break through these barriers is well recognized scientifically.


This would allow Sensosaurus to provide much needed therapeutic intervention to 4 children for 1 year. Therapy is in small groups to increase social participation and emotion regulation.


For Tenterfield Child Care Centre to be able to purchase sporting goods, equipment and resources which promote the development of children's gross motor, physical movement and fundamental development.


To invest into a range of resources that support  equine assisted learning sessions conducted at our centre. We need resources that are light, portable, sturdy and provide meaningful experiences for young people to learn about themselves and others.


The purpose of this grant would be to help support Remote Indigenous students to participate in State Level Sporting competition. Given our geographic nature in Arnhem Land, we often struggle to put teams together to compete in Darwin or Alice Springs, simply because the cost is so extravagant. This funding would help ensure that we could put a group athletes together to participate at the next level.


To assist in funding the overhead costs of running a Kids Gymkhana and Family Fun Day in Condamine, during the Easter holidays of 2018. This event will be our third event, having run two successful Gymkhanas in 2017.


We have approximately 30 junior members and we would like to hold a free clinic for the kids over the next school holidays. Our vision is to hold a clinic that would include challenge, campdraft and barrels for the kids.


To assist our autistic son with assistance to become a qualified painter.


To help support Carli in achieving her musical aspirations and studies. Living remotely in a community where there are no private music tutors or musical education at the school, Carli has to outsource to continue with her studies, which is costly.


To enable to project to purchase important PPE, equipment and stock feed for the individuals attending the farm to learn important life skills and better themselves to encourage them to enter into foundation employment and education such as TAFE.


To enhance the emotional health of children in foster care by providing them with a small farm they can go to to experience the positive effects of animals, and to talk about their problems in a safe relaxed atmosphere with a trained counselor.


To Help with cost of transport for young people disadvantaged due to distance from farms to towns.


Upgrade of cricket nets.


Although I am not directly involved in the school at East Kalgoorlie Primary, I am aware that some of the most needy kids attend the school. They require food and appropriate clothing especially in winter.


This grant will support our quest to send a small group of Girl Guides from the outback town of Charleville in Queensland to the International Girl Guide Jamboree in Sydney to develop their confidence, skills and knowledge in a range of areas.


Kirrae Health Service is dedicated to ensuring all Koori Kindergarten and School aged children in the community have the tools to transition to their 2018 education setting.


The purpose of this grant is to purchase a new pump and bladder for our track watering system. The irrigation is all in place but with no pump and no water supply we cannot safely use the track over the warmer months due to visibility with dust.


I am applying for this grant to help seek funding for 4 local Aboriginal girls that were successful in gaining a spot in the Budgies Junior Indigenous Netball Carnival, which will be held in the Gold Coast Queensland on the 3rd to the 7th of Jan 2018


To develop our Occasional Childcare social enterprise into a thriving and profitable programme that provides quality early years education and care to families in our local district.


To purchase a Breathe Bell Tent for the children and their parents to use as a source of shelter from the heat/extreme winter weather conditions during nature playgroup sessions. The tent could also be used for other programs run by Stellar Violets.


The School and P & C Association seeks the expertise of an ‘Artist in Residence’ from the high profile ‘First Coat initiative to work with students to install a large-scale mural to celebrate its milestone year.


To create an after- school 'club' for some disadvantaged, rural children. The 'club' will be a vehicle for the children to try a new sport or hobby, develop socially and get connected with their local community in a fun and welcoming environment.


Giru State School is seeking learning resources that will help children problem solve and understand subjects within their curriculum. It will allow the school to provide learning materials that are suitable for all grades at our school.


Our latest project is aimed at promoting a calming environment and reduce stress in the children of our community. The grant will contribute funding to the building of an art / light structure and the furnishing of a new sensory alcove area.


Our grant application is for a range of percussion equipment including tuned and non-tuned instruments for our current and future members of our 'musical development program'. The grant will provide these instruments for our junior members.



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